About us

The Nanaimo Paddling Centre was formed in 2003 under a non-profit organization of Foundation 2000 plus with the mandate of teaching the sport of Dragon Boat and Outrigger paddling. It then later changed its organization name to Go Rowing and Paddling Association of Canada. In 2014 the association made the decision to sell its centres in British Columbia. A group of passionate women (Nusa’Lon Dragons) did not want to see the sport perish in Nanaimo so we purchased the centre with one(1) Dragon Boat, six man Outrigger and two docks and a shed. Today we are thriving and have 4 Dragon boats and several Outrigger canoes.

Our Mission

To foster a club culture that provides the opportunity to achieve athletic excellence through training and competition.

To provide and maintain a safe and positive setting where people of any skill level or background can meet and experience the sport of dragon boating.

To create an environment that challenges its members and motivates them to achieve their personal best

To develop a climate where honest, open and respectful communication  is encouraged and valued.

To provide opportunities for club members to contribute their time and talent in areas that foster club goals.

To have fun!

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What people are saying about the Nanaimo Paddling Centre

Studies have shown that dragon boating makes you more awesome than the general population!

I know I paddle like a girl, try to keep up!

Keep Calm & Paddle On!